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Dreaming Of Wonderland
Dreaming Of Wonderland


About the artist

James Israel Van Epps (JIVE)


James I. Van Epps grew up in the quaint rural town of Strasburg, Ohio. It was these beautiful backwoods that served as his playground while growing up. Much of his inspiration today is pulled from his childhood years playing imaginative roles within the woods.

His mother was Amish until the age of 18. It was then she met James’ father and had to break away from the Amish community if she wanted to be with her true love. His mother always knew she did not belong within the Amish lifestyle. The Amish are ultraconservative and they do not embrace progressive thinking, bright colors, or artistic flare that stands out. She truly is the artist of the family. She often felt trapped as a child because she would have all these creative ideas, color schemes and different ways of thinking than the Amish. While raising her two sons, she taught them the good wholesome values similar of the Amish, but she always made them realize not to be afraid to express their inner selves even if it was different from everyone else.

His father taught him that actions really do speak louder than words. And to this day, he lives life as an example of “If you know better, you should do better.”

Combining attributes from both his parents and the genius inventiveness of his brother, James hopes to provide unique creations to the world that puts a smile on your face. The greatest accomplishments in life can have the smallest beginnings. A great action has to start somewhere, and he hopes one will start with your smile created by the inspiration from his works of art. Please enjoy.
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